‘Tis the Season

In 2012, there were 265,000 children and teens treated in American emergency rooms for toy-related injuries.  As Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 approach, parents should be mindful of toys that pose a danger to children’s eyes.  Here are some tips to consider when choosing toys and gifts for children:

  • in general, avoid toys with sharp parts that can injure the eye
  • projectile toys such as airsoft guns, BB guns, and paintball guns can propel objects into the eye and severely damage it
  • when choosing toys with laser light, make sure the toy has a compliance statement with 21 CFR Subchapter J of the Code of Federal Regulations to ensure that the power of the laser is within safe limits
  • sports equipment with eyewear should include lenses made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate material
  • choose toys that are age-appropriate and supervise accordingly