Pugilism and Eye Injuries

Manny Pacquiao (right) en route to defeating Antonio Margarito in November 2010. Margarito suffered a right orbital fracture during the bout and eventually developed right eye traumatic cataract.

A 1987study of 74 boxers found at least one ocular injury in 66% of the enrolled boxers.  Vision-threatening injuries, defined as significant damage to the angle, lens, macula, or peripheral retina, occurred in 58% of boxers.  Nineteen percent of boxers had angle abnormalities.  Nineteen percent of boxers had pathologic cataracts, and over 70% of these were posterior subcapsular.  Six boxers had macular lesions and a total of 24% of boxers had retinal tears.

Source: Giovinazzo et al, The ocular complications of boxing, Ophthalmology, June 1987.