Binocular Video Games for Amblyopia — Early Data

From Nature Eye, October 2014


Mean (±SE) visual acuity improved in the binocular group from 0.47±0.03 logMAR at baseline to 0.39±0.03 logMAR at 4 weeks (P<0.001); there was no significant change for the sham group.  The effect of binocular games on visual acuity did not differ for children who were patched vs those who were not.  The median stereoacuity remained unchanged in both groups.  An additional 4 weeks of treatment did not yield additional visual acuity improvement.  Visual acuity improvements were maintained for 3 months after the cessation of treatment.


Binocular iPad treatment rapidly improved visual acuity, and visual acuity was stable for at least 3 months following the cessation of treatment.