Hitler’s Psychogenic Amblyopia during The Great War

Letter from Dr. Foster Kennedy to Dr. Victor Gonda detailing Hitler’s diagnosis.

From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8840279/Hitlers-war-boast-is-a-lie-letters-show.html:

“The letters show that the German leader’s blindness was in fact caused by a mental illness, not the mustard gas attack he alleged.

In an exchange between two American neurologists, it is revealed that Otfried Forster, a renowned German neurosurgeon, had inspected Hitler’s medical file.

He said the file clearly showed that Hitler had been treated for hysterical blindness, or hysterical amblyopia, a psychiatric disorder that can make sufferers lose their sight.

The unseen letters, between neurologists Victor Gonda and Foster Kennedy, were given to Scottish historian Thomas Weber as material for his book Hitler’s First War.”