Talk to Him for a Minute

band of brothers

Richard Winters in 1942

Winters circulated among the wounded.  One of them was Pvt. Albert Blithe.

“How’re you doing, Blithe?  What’s the matter?”

“I can’t see, sir.  I can’t see.”

“Take it easy, relax.  You’ve got a ticket out of here, we’ll get you out of here in a hurry.  You’ll be going back to England.  You’ll be O.K.  Relax,” Winters said, and started to move on.

Blithe began to get up.  “Take it easy,” Winters told him.  “Stay still.”

“I can see, I can see, sir!  I can see you!”

Blithe got up and rejoined the company.  “Never saw anything like it,” Winters said.  “He was that scared he blacked out.  Spooky.  This kid just completely could not see, and all he needed was somebody to talk to him for a minute and calm him down.”

— from Stephen Ambrose, Band of Brothers