Frame / Lens Services


The process of selecting eyeglass frames is very important because glasses are an accessory that everyone sees.  We offer hundreds of different frame styles to help you satisfy your aesthetic and visual needs.  Frame adjustments are provided without an appointment and express services are available.


Frame quality is also an important consideration.  Wes, Alison, and Cece work with frame materials every day and are singularly well-equipped to inform you regarding the quality of the frames you are considering.  Depending on your occupational and/or recreational requirements, our team is committed to helping you select frame materials that complement your lifestyle.


Regarding lenses for your frames, you are encouraged to consider the following available features:

  • Fixed tints — Fixed tints are often used to accent a style or to reduce sensitivity to light.  Tints that are dark at the top and clearer at the bottom may be useful to those who are sensitive to overhead light but want increased light for reading.
  • Sunglasses — We offer a variety of colors and densities along with mirror finishes.
  • Polarized sun lenses — Polarized lenses are especially useful to eliminate glare from road surfaces, water surfaces, and windshields. These lenses are ideal for drivers, boaters, fishermen, and hunters.
  • Yellow lenses — Yellow lenses increase contrast during daybreak and twilight hours and are useful for those who enjoy activities such as hunting.
  • Transitions lenses — These lenses darken when exposed to UV light.  If you require clear lenses when indoors, traditional Transitions lenses may be perfect for you.  If you are sensitive to bright light and require slight tint indoors, Transitions XTRActive may suit your needs.
  • Hard coat finish — Silica particles baked onto the surface of the lens increase its resistance to scratches and are useful for those who require lens longevity.
  • Anti-reflective coating — This special coating improves lens longevity and reduces reflection / glare from lights.  It is particularly useful during night driving and computer use.  This coating’s hydrophobic quality also leads to improved vision during wet conditions as the water beads and rolls off the lenses.



We offer standard contact lenses, bifocal contact lenses, monovision lenses, astigmatism correction lenses, sports contact lenses, and keratoconus-specific lenses.

Prior to dispensing contact lenses, a fitting procedure is necessary in order to determine the parameters of your contact lenses.  This procedure evaluates corneal curvature and tear film quality and is separate from the routine eye exam.  As a result, fitting your lenses usually requires payment of a separate fitting fee.  This fee is standardized for all contact lens providers; it  ensures that your contact lenses are tailored to the specific characteristics of your eyes.

Finally, we provide training in insertion and removal of contact lenses and also offer trial period during which we determine if contact lenses are the best approach to addressing your visual needs.  Most importantly, we offer training in safe wearing of contact lenses and lens hygiene.